Cineraria - Senetti - British Grown

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Scientific Name
Pericallis x (around beauty, hybrid)

A tender perennial flower in bright colours which grows from clump-forming, deciduous foliage. This plant is half-hardy in the UK, down to -5°C.

Flower: clump forming
Tender Perennial

Common Name(s)
Senecio senetti, Cineraria, Pericallis, Senetti

Native to the Canary Islands, the Senetti varieties have been adapted for cooler conditions so they can be grown as perennials in the UK

The stunning colour of these blooms is enough to catch the eye in any garden! Trademarked by Senetti, the company is proud of their cultivars which bloom in a variety of bright colours, and are designed to be adaptable; they can thrive indoors over winter and will love to go outdoors in summer, and can thrive in gardens, balconies and anywhere in between. This variety will fill your space with bold magenta; these flowers can bloom for up to four months at a time!

Months of Interest
Flower and foliage in summer (they can bloom indoors in early spring, and re-bloom outdoors in summer!)

Pruning Tips
Deadhead regularly to help your plant flower as long as possible.

Wildlife Value
No specific wildlife benefit known in the UK. Growing flowers can provide pollen for pollinators such as bees, butterflies and moths and food for birds with their seeds.

Full sun is ideal for these plants, though partial shade is fine too; they will need protection from frost, and will appreciate a sheltered spot.

Ensure the soil does not totally dry out; these flowers will need some attention & watering in particularly hot/dry conditions.

Soil should be fertile and well-drained for best results.