Korean Rock Fern - Polystichum tsussimense - British Grown - Hardy Evergreen Fern

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Scientific Name
Polystichum tsussimense (many-rowed plant from Tsushima)

An evergreen fern whose green fronds grow in tufts. Hardy throughout most of the UK down to -20°C.

Fern: Tufted growth habit
Perennial: Evergreen

Common Name(s)
Korean Rock Fern

Native to East Asia

Fill a shady spot with greenery when you plant this fern in your garden! It will love a patch out of the sun, and will reward your care with lush green foliage year-round. Just take care that it doesn't sit in a puddle in winter and you'll be good to go! Choose this fern, give it a nice spot in your garden, and watch it grow in explosions of bright green.

Months of Interest
Green foliage year-round

Pruning Tips
Snip back dead or damaged fronds as necessary.

Wildlife Value
No specific wildlife benefit known in the UK. Ferns do, however, help with soil stability in your garden, preventing erosion and adding organic material to the soil over time.

Full to partial shade is ideal for this fern. A sheltered spot would also be ideal, though this fern can cope with some exposure too.

The crown of the plant should be in moist soil but protected from excessive winter rain.

Moist but well-drained soil is perfect for this plant, and it is happy with most soil types.

A mulch layer around the crown will help keep the soil fertile; mulch regularly as the plant uses up the nutrients in the soil.

Yes- no toxicity reported, though it's best for the plant and your pets if they don't nibble too much!

Sprouts Top Tips
To keep this plant happy, it likes moist soil but doesn't want to be sat in a puddle. Adding a layer of mulch around the crown of the plant can help protect it from excessive water, as well as keeping the soil below damp in summer. This will also add nutrients to the soil- so one step will do all the care you need for this plant.


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Very nice and obviously well grown, it arr...

Very nice and obviously well grown, it arrived very quickly,thank you