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Carrion Flower - Stapelia leendertzia


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Scientific Name
Stapelia leendertzia

Common Names
Black Bells, Leendertz's Carrion Flower, Maroon Cup Starfish, Star Flower, Rugose Cup Starfish

Discovered by the Dutch botanist Mrs R. Leendertz, this fantastic easy-growing succulent hails from rocky South African shrubland. In late summer large flowers can bloom which look fantastic - in its homeland there aren't pollinating honey bees so flies do the job, meaning the blooms have developed to smell, well, not good. But don't worry, you have to get very close to pick up the smell and there's a great trick in there though if you tell your friends to get in close for a whiff.

Likes bright, direct light.

Allow the soil to completely dry out in-between waterings. Heavily reduce watering in winter.  

Does not like high humidity.

Use a free-draining soil mix with plenty of sand or grit. 

May benefit from a light feeding during late spring/summer. 

Can tolerate high summer temperatures, but is fine when the temperature drops in winter as long as there is sufficient light. 

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
This plant can be kept outside during late spring/early summer and this should encourage the plant to flower. Try not to move the plant when it has buds on as this can stop it from flowering.

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