Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia 'Tygo'

Sprouts of Bristol
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  • Mist regularly 
  • Water regularly using distilled/rainwater - make sure the soil is consistently moist
  • Avoid fertiliser (it eats buggies for that)
  • Pet safe 

Customer Reviews

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Was not to impressed with this sellers plants they arrived smaller than expected but I can live with that but the plants were also in pretty bad shape on arrival super dried out and going crispy on some of the pitchers and unfortunately didn't survive Iam positive I didn't cause the demise of the plants becouse I only had it 2 days before it died off and iv got several of these plants in my dart frog enclosures that are thriving in the same conditions I placed this one in to, now I don't want to bad mouth the seller I think it was actually shipping that killed it off I think if I remember rightly it was in the post longer than expected and just
was shocked and I will say they where pachaged very well, so other buyers make your own mind up but I don't think I will buy more from this seller.

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