Staghorn Fern - Platycerium bifurcatum

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Scientific Name
Platycerium bifurcatum (broad-horned plant whose leaves branch into two)

Common Name
Staghorn Fern, Elkhorn Fern

Native to Java, New Guinea and Eastern Australia

The Staghorn Fern's distinctive fronds let it stand out in any houseplant collection. These plants, like many ferns, love moisture and humidity, and will appreciate being in a damper spot- and definitely away from radiators. The Staghorn Fern even has hairs all over its leaves which help it trap moisture; if you think your plant is dusty, it's probably actually these hairs, so don't wipe them off! Keep this plant happy and it will reward you with healthy, deep green foliage making any spot that bit brighter and greener.

Bright but indirect light is best, especially in the warmer months when it could dehydrate your fern too much; in autumn and winter, it will benefit from an hour or so of sunlight per day.

Staghorn ferns do not like to sit in soggy soil; they are naturally epiphytic, so their roots are used to being on the outside of a tree rather than in the ground. Make sure at least the top third dries out in between waters. It will bounce back much easier from under-watering than over-watering!

Likes fairly moist air; will appreciate an occasional mist, and don't put it near a radiator.

A mix designed for orchids or anthuriums will serve your staghorn fern well; added bark will help its roots stay ventilated.

Feed every six weeks with a houseplant fertiliser; don't overdo it on these delicate roots!

Ideally likes temperatures of 10-26°C, but it can withstand temperatures as low as -1°C.

Yes, but too much nibbling won't be good for pets, small humans or the plant!

Sprouts Top Tips
To make sure its roots don't sit soggy, hydrate them by soaking in lukewarm water for several minutes every week or so and then gently shaking them to empty any crevices.


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Stunning. Love it. Will be ordering again.

Stunning. Love it. Will be ordering again.

Plant was extremely dusty when it arrived...

Plant was extremely dusty when it arrived but otherwise in good condition

Very healthy plants. I have never seen pac...

Very healthy plants. I have never seen packages good as this, too. Professional customer service and detailed explanation. 5/5

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