The Exotic Vegetable Growbar

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Bored with brussels? Sick of swedes? It’s time to get adventurous in the kitchen and turn to exotic vegetables! Our Exotic Vegetable bar contains seeds for a terrific trio of unusual plants. White egg aubergines have a light, sweet flavour and are ideal for sautéing, grilling and baking. Cardoon tastes a little like artichoke and the stalks are delicious roasted or fried and round lemon cucumber has a mild, sweet flavour and crisp texture which makes it perfect for salads or a G+T! Compressed coir bar containing: o White egg aubergine o Cardoon o Round lemon cucumber Growbar, Seedballs, seedbombs, seed collections, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, growing gifts, new house, bright colours, fun branding, point of sale, wildflowers, editable, heritage, flowers, vegetables, fruits, seed paper, grow your own, garden, soil, coconut, seed packets, sow, piccolo, just water, wildlife, garnishes, fruit, alcohol, kids, children, tall flowers, mixed seeds