Weeping Fig - Ficus benjamina 'Exotica'

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Thrives in bright, indirect light; if the light is not bright enough it will start to lose its variegation.


Allow the top half of the soil to dry out between watering; the pot will also be lighter at this point. Reduce even further in winter as the water will evaporate less.

Likes high humidity; your plant will appreciate a mist or the addition of a humidity tray!


Use a well-draining soil mix. Repot every three years in the spring as the plant grows.

Feed every four waters in the growing season, reduce to every six in autumn and winter.


Ideal temperature is 18-26°C; make sure it does not get colder than 12°C in winter.

No, this plant is toxic to pets and small humans.

Sprouts Top Tips
Keep an eye out for lower-leaf loss; this will tell you if your plant is in too dark a location, and therefore too full of water, and if you spot it can help you reduce stress on your plant!