Granny Bonnet - Aquilegia caerulea 'Earlybird Red & White' - British Grown Herbaceous Perennial

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Scientific Name
Aquilegia caerulea (blue, eagle-like plant) 'Earlybird Red & White'

Flower: Bushy growth Perennial

Common Name(s)
Granny's Bonnet, Columbine

Native to the Rocky Mountains and New Mexico, USA

This variety of Granny Bonnet has bold red petals surrounding inner white petals, contrasting to fill your garden or window box with beauty and colour. The name Aquilegia, which comes from the Latin for eagle, describes the hook- or claw-like spurs on the flower. This variety grows in compact, bushy clumps, and produces both vibrant blossoms and attractive, semi-evergreen foliage.

Months of Interest

Pruning Tips
N/A, though if necessary pruning in September to October is best.

Wildlife Value
Pollinators, particularly long-tongued bees such as Bombus hortorum and Bombus terrestris; supplies nectar for butterflies and nectar-drinking moths.

Partial Shade (these flowers are used to growing at the edge of woodland)

Soil should be moist but ensure it drains well as the roots won't like to be sat in a puddle!

Fertile, moist but well-drained soil.

Not necessary, but can add some extra nutrients to encourage flowering and if your soil needs a boost!

Slightly toxic for humans and larger pets, but don't let smaller pets nibble as they are far more susceptible.

Sprouts Top Tips
Your Granny Bonnets will benefit from being lifted and divided every few years to keep the plants strong and blooming